10 July, 2015

Criteria for selecting good Android App Development Company

Why Android app? After the success of BlackBerry and IOS in the smart phone industry through their touch screen devices, Google tried to test its fate through its ambitious Android operating system. Probably it was the right time to enter into the market with a new smart operating system like Android that can overcome the shortcomings of IOS and Blackberry especially when we consider cost effectiveness. Fortunately, Android received overnight popularity from the industry due to its low cost, quality user experience and better customer service from Google. Within just a decade, it became the leader of the smart phone industry. With the latest Android Lollypop, it has proved that it is the best in the industry and extremely cost effective as compared to Apple’s IOS or Blackberry. As a result, the numbers of Android users are increasing in an exponential rate for quite some time now. To reach at those users, Android developers are trying hard to develop better quality enterprise standard Android apps that can serve the purpose. Hence there is a tremendous demand of Android developers in the industry.

03 July, 2015

The significant weaknesses of ASP.Net

ASP .Net is a flagship product from Microsoft to serve the web industry in an efficient manner. We can’t deny the importance of websites in our day-to-day life. Moreover devices like smart phones and tablets have increased the demand of web apps in the industry in a magical way. Understanding the situation, Microsoft has come up with its flagship web domain specific framework i.e., ASP .Net to withdraw the monopoly of the JSP from the industry. Fortunately it has gained tremendous popularity in the industry as expected; but nothing is perfect in this world and so the case for Microsoft’s ASP .Net. It has some shortcomings as well. Let us see what are the major shortcomings of ASP .Net?

02 July, 2015

Top 7 Software Testing Myths

Testing is an easy task: This is the biggest myth for testing profession. Usually developers believe that testing is an easy task but the fact is different. Testing was never easy otherwise automation testing tools wouldn’t have born. The tester tests each and every loopholes of an application thoroughly so that the end user will get better quality user experience. Hence we can’t compromise on the quality of testing at any cost and for the same we have to give enough effort and time for testing.

01 July, 2015

PHP is the best platform to develop e-Commerce sites

The most successful web language in the industry*: At a time when the industry was fully dominated by the all-time market leader java and .net PHP has shown courage to fight against their monopoly. We are not telling that JSP or ASP was not good. But they were more expensive for any new start up. Hence the industry was carving for an economic technology that can serve the purpose. There, PHP born. It is an open source technology and hence it enables the PHP developers to modify the source code as per their requirement. Moreover it is free and hence there are a lots of resources available in the web world that can help PHP developer during their difficulties. As a result it turned out as one of the most successful language in the industry in past couple of years. No matter which type of application you are going to develop, you can adopt PHP for your website development.

30 June, 2015

How will the change in smartphone usage affect mobile development

Why users accept Smart phones: Before a decade, we hardly heard of smart phone; particularly in developing countries like India, China, Indonesia etc. Within a very less span of time, smart phones have shown their potential in the industry. Now almost every day there is something happening in the smart phone industry. There are some new and advanced devices getting launched, some new operating systems are introduced or some updates are being spread in the industry every day. The industry is changing so rapidly that no one can even imagine how it will look like after a decade!! Moreover the smart phone users love the way they are projected into the technology and hence this is creating a huge buzz in the industry. The question comes whether it is a good sign or not? How it will impact the industry especially over the mobile developers? Let us find it out.